Increase Everyday Convenience with the Toyota Corolla

Do you have a busy schedule? If so, a little bit of convenience can go a long way — and that's why we at Karl Malone Toyota of Ruston love the Toyota Corolla. Designed with a smart, thoughtful interior, this popular compact car makes your life easier each time you slip in.

Eliminate the need to dig for your keys with the Corolla's Smart Key System. Leave the key in your bag as you climb in; it connects to the car wirelessly and enables you to start the engine with the push of a button.

While you drive, enjoy the spacious interior design in the cabin of the Corolla. The roomy seats make it easy to reach the steering wheel and every control in the car. Plus, since everything is positioned perfectly, you can monitor gauges and find the control you need at glance. Experience the convenience by visiting our Ruston staff for a test drive.


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