Why Pickup Trucks Are Popular Options For Families

Pickup trucks are popular among American families in rural, suburban and urban settings. Available with various cabin and bed sizes at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston, such vehicles offer the ultimate versatility for daily tasks and occasional road trips.

When it comes to interior space, pickup trucks can accommodate up to six people. Therefore, such models beat sedans, hatchbacks and some crossover SUVs in passenger capacity. There's also much more legroom in the second row of a truck than a typical car with five seats. Of course, the bed of a truck can hold much more cargo than a trunk of a mid-size or full-size sedan.

The towing capability of a pickup truck depends on a light-duty or heavy-duty classification. For example, some of the most powerful models are designed to tow a trailer with more than 20,000 pounds. An entry-level trim of a light-duty truck typically has a towing rating of more than 6,000 pounds.



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