Avoid Some of the Most Common Types of Accident With the Toyota C-HR Safety Features

There are a lot of ways that you could get into a car accident. You could spill your coffee in your lap and swerve off of the road. A pedestrian could walk out in front of your car when you're not expecting it. But there are a few safety features on the popular subcompact SUV, the Toyota C-HR, that can help you avoid these scenarios.

With the lane-departure alert with steering assist, the vehicle will warn you if you're leaving the lanes that are painted on the road. It will even correct your steering if you fail to act.

If you've ever worried about what you would do if you hit a pedestrian, then you'll appreciate the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection. Through the use of radar, it can tell you when there's a vehicle or pedestrian entering your path, and it will even apply the brakes if you miss it.



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