Staying in Place While The Toyota Corolla Hatchback Performs

Some vehicles are designed to be more aggressive. The more aggressive vehicles pose a risk for some drivers. People can be thrown out of their seat when things get to wild. This is one of the factors we look at when choosing a Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston vehicle such as the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback.

For the strong and aggressive performance of the Corolla Hatchback, the vehicle has seats that are designed to keep you firmly in place. You have sport seats that are leather-trimmed for comfort. The bolsters are also deeply contoured so that you can stay in the right spot during the drive.

Another feature for the performance of the Corolla Hatchback is the intelligent manual transmission. You have the 6-speed manual transmission with close gears placed at a low point for a more seamless shifting experience. You also have taller gears that will bring forth a greater fuel economy.



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