Safety Features Of The 2019 Toyota Yaris

Subcompact cars are flying off the shelf at car dealerships all over the country. Not only are they incredibly fuel efficient, but they are also safer than ever before. That is why we here at Ronnie Ward Toyota of Ruston are so happy to announce the arrival of the all new 2019 Toyota Yaris and tell you all about its many safety features!

First, drivers will love the ToyotaCare Standard which is able to perform all of the basic upkeep of your vehicle and provide 24 hour roadside assistance for your car for your first two years or 25,000 miles, whichever of these two should come first. Additionally, car buyers will love the rain sensing windshield wipers. This way, the moment your vehicle detects that it is raining, your car will turn its wiper blades on so that you can clearly see the road and keep your family safe in all types of weather.



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